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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At Media Circus, we've been doing SEO (or "Search Engine Optimization") since before there was a thing called "Google". The desired outcomes are simple: to get interested people to your website. The rules of SEO are always changing, but the overall strategy remains the same: to structure and label the content of your website so search engines send your target users your way, and so visitors are satisfied and engaged once they arrive. We excel at this.

*Note: We do not engage in nefarious "google-bombing" to polish up crappy SEO performance. We do structural SEO the good stuff.


Using modern analytics tools and deep user experience know-how, we watch how your online audience behaves and reacts to your digital media (like e-blasts or websites). We customize your digital media — or we can teach you how to do this — for increased engagement and superior outcomes.

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