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Web Ads & Google AdWords

It pays to advertise. And when you can figure out what's clicking with your audience, it pays even more. But getting people to click on your web ads is only the first act. You want your money to go towards getting clicks from the people who are going to buy (or whatever else you'd like them to do.) Once they've clicked — you want to close the deal simply and easily without distraction. We apply best practices and strategies that follow your user through from impression to click to landing page to purchase, (or another desired outcome) tracking successes along the way and building upon them. Media Circus sets you up so that it pays MORE to advertise.


Using modern analytics tools and deep user experience know-how, we watch how your online audience behaves and reacts to your digital media (like e-blasts or websites). We customize your digital media — or we can teach you how to do this — for increased engagement and superior outcomes.

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